This is an index to all the posts on this blog, in descending order (the most recent are at the bottom). If you’re interested in a specific topic, please utilize the search function on the right. More complete descriptions of the podcasts are given on the Podcasts page.

Bible Guy A consideration of Bible Man.
Asherah Begins Introductory notes on Asherah.
What’s a Ugarit? Full essay on why Ugarit never captured the public imagination, although it should have.
God is Great (not)? Some thoughts on Christopher Hitchens’ God Is Not Great.
Sects and Violence Musings on religiously motivated violence.
Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost The religious origins of classic movie monsters.
In the Light of the Moon (Sin) A possible origin of the werewolf myth.
Changing Faces of the Divine A brief exploration of pareidolia.
Puff the Magic Dagon Podcast 1; Dagon.
Fallen Angels Why angels shouldn’t be considered cute.
Drunken Moonshine A brief study of Yarikh at Ugarit.
Athirst for Knowledge Ugarit cola.
Not Lion The biblical Barbary lion and how it is extinct and maybe Amos used it for a feminine image of God.
Religious Origins Religious behavior among animals.
Michael Jackson, Isaac Newton, and the Alphabet Podcast 2: origins of the alphabet.
Origins of the Undead A theory about the origins of zombies.
Gods Bless You The Tunguska event and fragility of life on earth.
Who We Were Mistaken identity between two Steve Wigginses.
Yes, Mammon The feast of Our Lady of Walsingham and how to raise money on it.
Here Comes the Sun, and Is She Ever Hot! A brief exploration of Shapash.
Everlasting Cats Religious themes in CATS.
Whence Monotheism? Podcast 3: the origins of monotheism.
Graven Images Why religious images are so powerful.
More Biblical Cats A consideration of why there are no cats in the Bible.
Man and Womandrakes The mandrake and its mythology.
Ortho-right or Ortho-wrong? My brushes with orthodoxy and the scars they left.
The Dark Light Is the Joker a shaman?
Currying Divine Favor Outsourcing Mass intentions looks like simony or selling indulgences.
Assyrian Dreams Modern day Assyrians try to connect to Shamash.
Ghosts of Nashotah House True ghost stories from Nashotah House.
And We All Fall Down Podcast 4: the early splinterings of Christianity.
Anat, Kali and the Violent Femmes The goddess Anat as a warrior and why religions have violent goddesses.
Profit Priest and the King An opinion about the origins of Christian Rock.
What’s Wrong with Baal? Podcast 5: the nature of the inherent conflict between Yahweh and Baal.
Religi-Religi-Religi-Religulous, That’s All Folks! Brief review of Bill Maher’s Religulous.
Cenobites and Angels Thoughts about the Hellraiser movie.
Momma Maya, Is It the Apocalypse Already? The Mayans and their 2012 deadline.
Sea Dagon An exploration of the imagery of Dagon.
Thy Will Bee Done Bees and their role as divine weapons in the ancient world.
The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea Podcast 6: a talk about Leviathan.
The Divine Finger Tornadoes as divine weapons.
This Fair’s for the Goats The origin of the Judas Goat.
Memento Mori Brief review of George Pendle’s Death: A Life.
Biblical Black Lagoon How the Bible appears in the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
Praying for Rain Chaos theory and how it interferes with prayers for rain.
What the Devil Podcast 7: origins of the imagery associated with the devil.
For the Love of Aqhat How the Ugaritic tale of Aqhat survives in odd ways.
Animal Alarm George Orwell’s Animal Farm and the role that Moses the raven plays.
Shades of Asherah A consideration of the iconography of Asherah.
Six-Word Memoirs An attempt at a popular passtime.
Edoc Elbib Eht What do the Charles Manson murders have to do with the Bible Code?
Rock of Ageism Questions whether religions should be privileged simply because of age.
Creationism’s White Box Podcast 8, on the history of Creationism.
Hell on Earth Thinking of the Peshtigo Fire leads to ponderings on the origins of Hell.
Bosnia Jones Meets Egypt Jones This is a light-hearted post about the recently discovered “Bosnian pyramid.”
Lost in Translations Reflections on the constant conflicts generated by new Bible translations.
Bible Land American biblicism along the Pennsylvania-Maryland corridor.
Go and Dust No More Brief exploration of original sin and The Golden Compass.
Lost and Found What does the Twilight Zone have to do with religion?
The Fear of the Lord Is Pure Podcast 9: a consideration of the place of fear in the origin of religion.
By the Numbers An apocalyptic consideration of a Bible-quoting hijacker.
Sternutation Salutation Why do people say “God bless you” when someone sneezes?
Good Book, Bad Seeds Reflections on what makes Nick Cave’s The Boatman’s Call such a profound album.
Intelligently Deceived Further considerations of Creationism by looking at some of its own literature.
Turning Brown to Green A rueful consideration of the hype surrounding Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol.
Leggo my Ego! New NASA images and the New Jersey State Police trigger ponderings about our place in it all.
The Lady or the Lion A look at lion goddesses in ancient West Asia.
Evolution of Gods Podcast 10; the Upper Paleolithic origins of religious behavior are explored to probe where religion may have started.
Devil Went Down to Jersey An introduction to Weird NJ and the devil that dwells therein.
Of Cats and Goddesses Lighthearted consideration of where the name of the Ashera cat might come from.
Rossyln, New Texaco Rossyln Chapel and how it draws in money in the wake of Dan Brown.
Harry Potter and the Evangelical Emperor An old photo of a protester in Wisconsin sparks reflections on Harry Potter and why some people see only in black and white.
Sky God An issue of Wired magazine and the undulatus asperatus cloud-type reflect the upward inclination of religion.
The Original Mud-bloods The Atrahasis epic tells how humans were created from the blood of gods and mud while the Bible says God breathed into the mud. Who’s right?
Fundamentalist Foibles Podcast 11: the origins of and possible reasons for the development of Fundamentalism in early 20th century America.
For God and For Gold An Anglo-Saxon hoard from England raises questions about religious violence.
Death or Religion A recent book on the vampire myth ties into the darker origins of religious thought.
God and the Boss Bruce Springsteen and the origins of worship.
Hallowed Be Thy Wolfbane Wallace and Gromit confirm suspicions that monsters lurk next to religion in the brain.
Clergy Letter Project Introducing a successful attempt to demonstrate that Creationists do not dominate religion.
Banned Bible? Reflections on Banned Book Week and how ancient texts might have fared.
Science Me This Genesis 1-11 and science come into conflict when educational systems fail to provide children with literary tools.
Noah’s Lark Podcast 12 deals with the biblical story of Noah’s ark and its previous history in Mesopotamia.
The Hardest Job Musings about why it is so hard to believe what other people have to say about religion.
Origin of Dragons Although often supposed to be Chinese or European in origins, dragons stem from ancient Sumer, among the earliest civilization we know.
Let Us Make Moses in Our Own Image Bruce Feiler’s new book, America’s Prophet, raises the question of whether the Bible is declining in influence or not.
Papal Bull? When the Pope comments on Africa it raises questions of wealth and Fundamentalism.
Into the Great Beyond A pauper’s tribute to Professor John C. L. Gibson.
Here Comes the Bride – Maybe A post on the Kuntillet Ajrud drawing and the reason it probably doesn’t show Asherah.
Who’s Your Daddy? A continuation of the Asherah as Yahweh’s wife discussion, focusing on Khirbet el-Qom.
God’s Wife Podcast 13 addresses the debate about whether Yahweh was considered a married goddess in ancient Israel or not.
The Life Is in the Blood Bram Stoker’s Dracula leads to questions regarding the life residing in the blood and the unending human fascination with bloodsuckers.
Clothes Make the God Judas Priest and the High Priest share the concept of a divine wardrobe in common.
Sex and the Single God Atum creates the world singlehandedly and post-Victorian people wonder how this is religious.
Evolution of Egyptian Cats A brief exploration of the progression from Mafdet to Bast to Sekhmet to Ceiling Cat.
God-Adam! Is That What it Really Says? Abstract art and Michelangelo’s Adam conflict in the sphere of Creationism.
Daniel in the Lyin’s Den My recent encounter is the Uncommon Descent blog prompts a discussion of the history of Creationism again.
I’ve Been Meming to Tell You . . . After being tagged to say something unknown about myself, I reveal my connection to Melvin Purvis and my history with guns.
Jersey Vampires Vampirism is a New Religious Movement and should be afforded the protection of any other religion.
In Our Own Image Andrew Schlafly’s Conservative Bible Project encapsulates a worrying trend in American religion.
We Don’t Need Another Bible Podcast 14 deals with the problems associated with politically-motivated Bible translation.
Who Inherits What Now? Rush’s 2112 sticks it to the man with an affirmation that the meek shall inherit the earth.
What Are They So Afraid of? A sad Higher Education story wondering why universities find it so hard to take criticism.
Bes Leave It Alone Was Bes a cat-god? Do cat-gods protect people as well as they should?
Sonoco What do oil companies have to do with religion? The birth of the petroleum industry and the end of the world.
Biblical Lyres Penn Museum’s new exhibit of ancient Sumer includes some well-known biblical guests.
Smiling Goddess The myth of the benevolent “mother goddess” is betrayed by both archaeology and present conflict in the name of religion.
Moral Monsters Stephen Asma’s new book On Monsters triggers the monster-religion connection once again.
The Power of Pyramids A student’s introduction to the “Okinawa Pyramids” opens some interesting prehistoric possibilities.
Feline Angels and Demons National Cat Day leads to a reflection on how cats have been both worshiped and damned.
Religion’s Double-Edged Sword The unconscionable acts of the Westboro Baptist Church’s protests against those they hate raises questions about religious freedom.
Halloween All Year A celebration of the right to be afraid, with religious sanction!
Robots vs. Ancient Deities A day at a local robotics competition brings its own little epiphany.
Biblical Weddings The dearth of biblical reference to wedding ceremonies leads to a discussion of same-sex marriage issues in Maine.
Picturing Genesis R. Crumb’s The Book of Genesis Illustrated challenges conventional representations of the book.
Neo-Canaanites A discussion of why new religions like Natib Qadish are not really as old as they seem.
Our Myth of History Podcast 16 discusses how the modern historical paradigm has become the mythology of our age.
Mortarboards and Greenbacks Millionaires among college presidents raise the question of what higher education in the United States really stands for.
Rhode Island Blue A visit to Rhode Island brings into relief the high principles of religious liberty espoused by Roger Williams.
Love the Craft A tribute to the contribution of H. P. Lovecraft to the study of ancient gods.
Care of the Dead The question of the origin of pennies on gravestones leads to ancient Sumer and even earlier.
Let’s Do the Time-Warp Again! The Vatican is looking for extra-terrestrial life and the implications are startling.
Make Room on the Ark – Another New Dinosaur! The discovery of Aardonyx celestae raises the specter of a missing link for Creationists. How did Noah fit them all on board?
Marmots and Briny Deeps The recent decision of the Mormon Church to back anti-homosexual legislation may sweeten salty waters.
Death of the Gods Neil Gaiman’s American Gods shows how Ancient Near Eastern deities are in decline.
Yarikh Finally Gets a Drink Water on the moon once again emphasizes the importance of the earth’s constant companion.
Sky God Redux Undulates asperatus clouds are back in the news, prompting hopes that a recognition of weather as divine will follow.
Demoted Angels Where do angels come from in a monotheistic tradition?
Asherah Overcomes A tree overcomes the force of a crane causing the thought that Asherah might still be at work.
False Profits The bogus claims of the Prosperity Gospel are represented in an article in the Atlantic Monthly.
It Was a Small World After All Podcast 17 addresses the contacts between ancient cultures and suggests that relations may have been closer (and farther) than supposed.
The Call of Balu Ancient religions continue to have a draw for modern people, despite the unprivileged status of university study of the field.
2012 As people wind up for yet another apocalypse, the origins of apocalyptic thinking should provide some comfort.
Sacraments and Sea Cucumbers Roman Catholic maneuvers against Patrick Kennedy bring to the light practices in which religion abuses its power.
Sects Sells The refusal to admit that sexuality is an innate part of humanity, religions often repress what becomes a monster.
On Faithful Monsters Stephen Asma’s On Monsters provides an introduction to biblical monsters that show the relationship between religion and fear.
Highway Homiletics Some reflections on seeing the sacred signage along a Thanksgiving trek home.
What Would Dinos Eat? A new dinosaur-eating mammal prompts thoughts about the bumper-wars in American culture.
Sunday Morning Football A local Baptist Church’s football Sunday invites a reflection on which sect is superior.
Dog-Headed Saints The belief in cynocephali is a good paradigm for religious tolerance.
Anomalies in Paradise The Phoenician inscription from Brazil shows how much is invested in the academic status quo.
Towers of Babel The Burj Dubai is the tallest human structure in the world. What does that say about our values?
Live and Let Love Homosexual marriage is once again in the news, giving plenty of voice to hypocrites and publicans.
Algernon Sydney v. Estelle Walker Will God provide food for those who won’t help themselves?
Special Babies Rosemary’s Baby and Christmas both emphasize the role that babies play in religion.
Billion Dollar Babies Holiday-themed baby-talk underscores the importance of all individuals.
Be Kind to Your Canaanites The historical uncertainty of who the Canaanites might have been is a paradigm for what religions ought to do about “the other.”
The Safest Place to Hide An article about a fugitive working for Homeland Security suggests that the best way to find peace is for religious leaders to work together.
Moses and the Calf A cow with a cross on its forehead may be a sign from that great dairy farmer in the sky.
Hadad in Copenhagen Political stalling on global warming may owe more to greed than to veneration of Baal.
Christian Movementarians The Simpsons episode, The Joy of Sect, shows the lowest common denominator of religions and sects.
Biblical Science Fiction The Mole People is a paradigm for how religion advances while firmly holding on the brakes.
Happy Whatever The December dilemma and Chrismukkah; why Christmas should be no cause for alarm.
A Walk Around the Watchtower A visit by the Jehovah’s Witnesses leads to a biblical consideration of their evangelistic material.
Im in ur blogz The Lolcat Bible is about to be released; learn the truth directly from Ceiling Cat.
Death’s Door Podcast 18 discusses the concept of death and the residence of the dead in the ancient world.
Oral Octopus What do the late Oral Roberts and the veined octopus have in common? Find out!
Holidays Through Kids’ Eyes Christmas is not bright and cheery for all children, and maybe there is a lesson to be learned by all of us.
O Tannenbaum A post about the origin of Christmas Trees.
Incredible Shrinking Saturdays The Incredible Shrinking Man is a paradigm for God of the gaps theology.
Tale of Two Anarchies The Lord of the Flies and V for Vendetta show two faces of anarchy that denies the comfort of rule of law.
Syncretism Synchronicity While Sir James Frazer gave the scholarly world a view of blended religions, the modern outlook opposed to syncretism is also a victim of it.
Turn a Priestly Eye The dilemma of shoplifting to survive versus winning a jackpot at poker is a Canterbury tale of its own.
Birds of a Fang Suck Together The discovery that Sinornithosaurus was venomous must have had old Noah worried.
Compassion Divine Star Trek and the ancient Greeks agree that compassion is a high point of divinity.
Chris-myth The mythology of Christmas is larger than the analysis of either Joseph Campbell or C. S. Lewis.
Blessed Bovines The sacred nature of the unlikely cow helped provide us with our daily alphabet.
Is the Truth Under There? Reflections on Tel Dor after lecturing on the perils of biblical archaeology.
Decade Fail Waiting for an event of biblical proportions is difficult when the job market is so cruel.
Happy Circumcision Style New Year! Some reflections on sacred time as 2010 begins.
The Blessing/Curse of Janus As a new decade begins, it is time to ponder Janus and the ambiguity of our future.
Money Driven Life When megachurch pastors can raise over 2 million dollars to balance their budgets, something is wrong.
Bible Lite The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s The Bible demonstrates the problem with how modern people read ancient texts.
Our Mother Who Aren’t in Heaven Minoan mother-goddess seems to have made for a peaceful but powerful society. What would our world be like if God were a Mother?
Old Father Hubble New NASA images stretching back to 600 million years before the Big Bang raise immense reflections.
Moby Dickens As whalers sink one of Sea Shepherd’s conservation ships, Melville once again raises his urgent voice.
Nag Hammadi Violence among Christians and Muslims in Nag Hammadi overshadows the famous non-canonical gospels.
Moses and the Problem of Torah Podcast 19 concerns the dilemma of Moses as the bringer of Torah and how the historical record suggests Israel received the “law” from Ezra several centuries later.
Illusions of Permanence Cuneiform is the best storage solution, but it doesn’t have the capacity of your standard i-pod.
Prosperity Fail I plan to respond to an offer for a totem cross that will bring me prosperity. Check in again in 17 years.
Prophets in Disguise An innocent attempt to see Avatar leads to questions about the nature of reality.
Eager for Eden American imagination is more comfortable with a fictional Eden than with a computer-free world of suffering.
A Sigh for Cybele The goddess Cybele has a way of showing up in unexpected places with the promise of spring.
Theodicy Versus Idiocy Haiti’s misfortune after the earthquake brings out the worst in the Religious Right.
Rushing in Where Angels Fear to Tread Rush Limbaugh’s latest lunacy paints a true portrait of Neo-Con Christianity.
Who Owns History? Jordan’s desire to reclaim the Dead Sea Scrolls raises the question of who truly owns historical artifacts or history itself.
Important Days Martin Luther King Day is presented in a format written for younger readers, but older readers may enjoy it as well.
Portrait of Poe as a Young Man A newly revealed portrait of Poe and age-old questions of suffering blend effortlessly together.
Father Freeze How is the Russian Orthodox Polar Bear Club like the Fond du Lac Circus?
Black Job Market Want a high paying job? Avoid an academic career.
Proselytizing Phylacteries A Jewish boy says his prayers while Christians shoot Muslims with Bible verses on their guns.
Theophagy, Or How do you Like your God? A brief consideration of eating gods.
Book of Eli A movie where the Bible is cool? It must be the apocalypse!
Noah in the Underworld What do Gene Autry’s Radio Ranch and The Mole People have in common? An underground world and Noah’s flood!
Missing Links A stolen dinosaur prompts memories of Red Gulch Dinosaur Trackway in the (very) old West.
The Truth is in Here? The suggestion that aliens may be in our noses may blow Creationists out of the water.
Paul Does the Classics Euripides’ Bacchae has a familiar ring to it once you read Acts.
Portrait of an Artist as a Young Woman The revelation that the Mona Lisa is a self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci points to questions of distinctions and continuities.
Who’s Your Mummy? King Tut is back in the news with a paternity suit that implicates the Religious Right.
Inter-species Prognostication Groundhog Day has its origins in Imbolc and the old cross-quarter days, so get ready for spring!
On Monsters Having finished Stephen Asma’s great book, On Monsters, reflections of how religion plays into their macabre world surface.
Out of Reach The Creation movie still has an extremely limited run, so I’m waiting with the apes until it comes within reach.
Asherah to Asherah A newly published line drawing purports to be Asherah and Yahweh, again.
View from the Snowpocalypse A lot of fuss about a little white fluff.
Mythology in Cinema and Belief Dr. Cyclops peers at the question of religion as belief vs. practice.
Constantine’s Dilemma Max Blumenthal’s Republican Gomorrah should be required reading before the presidential polls open again.
Prosperity Update With over two weeks of Prosperity Training, the odds have yet to turn.
Gray New World A link to Wade Davis’ talk on the extinction of culture. Everyone should see this!
Transformations The Wolfman opens in theaters and the message is still not getting through.
Fear of Voodou A story in the paper shows how religious handouts often come with a hidden price-tag.
St. Valentine’s Day An essay on the origins of the holiday for younger readers.
In the Heart or in the Head? Head transplants, science fiction, and the seat of the soul.
How Flat is Your World? Creation in the Bible describes the world they knew, not the world we know.
Everything’s Better at Harvard (Except Religion) A discussion of the sad fact that Harvard has no required religion class.
Klaatu Barada Nikto An awestruck religionist faces the brave new world of robots.
Saint John, Elton, That Is Elton John’s comments on Jesus have stirred some fires, but isn’t that what all religious leaders end up doing?
Eine Kleine Neanderthal-Musik The connection between religion and music goes back a very long way.
Patriarchal Goddesses Athena and Artemis hold their own against mortal man.
Archaeology in the Service of Politics A new wall in Jerusalem provides the opportunity to make new claims to Solomon’s legendary reign.
Burning Crosses and Aftershocks Why do the Christians rage? Who looks better in Haiti these days? Voodou believers or evangelical Christians?
The Gospel According to Caulfield J. D. Salinger may not be considered a theologian, but Holden Caulfield shows some theological savvy.
Abuse of Power An update on Jess Zimmerman’s situation at Butler University.
Holi Holidays A celebration of color is a reflection of religious diversity.
Childhood Never Ends In the light of Chile’s earthquake, people still look to the sky for answers.
Trojan Gods While watching Troy, I considered the question of where the gods might be.
WWJWF? What would Jesus wish for on his birthday? Conception to natural death?
The End of the World as We Know It The Chilean earthquake has robbed us of time, making it a costly natural disaster.
Neo-Cons and Mockingbirds To Kill a Mockingbird is prescient as well as classic in today’s troubled world.
Religion Embraces Science Read Michael Zimmerman’s Huffington Post entry on the subject to see the issue framed correctly.
Horror and Head-colds While under the influence of a spiteful virus may not be the best time to view Lair of the White Worm.
War and Peace Reading a book of my high school teacher’s Vietnam war poetry raises the eternal question of why we still kill each other.
Robo-god Where is human compassion more evident — among the robots or the religious?
When Your World Rocks Yet another earthquake gives the self-righteous grounds for satisfaction.
Emasculating Science Education Will New Jersey join the ranks of the Neo-Con havens that support “intelligent” design?
Love Slap More allegations of clerical abuse come from Germany prompting the question of why religions cultivate abuse.
Sex and Violence in Ancient Peru An exhibit of Peruvian Mochica pottery in Paris indicates that this blog is not too far off base.
Under G-d The Pledge of Allegiance and the reticence to define God combine for an interesting view on America.
Virgin Goddesses and Human Fathers What do these things have in common?
Politicians and Blood-Suckers Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer sheds some light on the policies of New Jersey’s new governor.
We Still Need Asherah Asherah may be back in the news, but she still requires understanding.
Biblical Outlooks and Science Fiction The Boston University alumni magazine tells it straight; the Bible has no unified outlook.
Asherah in Australia Conspiracy theories and other head-clutter on a Friday morning.
Be Careful Little Hands The millennial generation’s religion may be coming closer to ancient paradigms.
Evil Echinoderms A helpless sea star gainsays the vehemence of Jonathan Edwards.
Grounds for Sculpture New Jersey’s home for artists and part-time religionists.
Naughty Religion is Bad Science As Connecticut struggles with science education, it is time to prepare not to fall off the edge of the earth.
Mournful Metaphor Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter just doesn’t work, despite the fetching concept.
Jesus Lets Himself Go A Newsweek post about portion sizes raises questions of what Jesus really looked like.
Two Mites for the Truth Why do the religious hide? Secrecy is inherent in religion.
Lying Literalists What Bible-thumpers pretend not to know.
Heavenly Visitors Is it Passover or Christmas when visitors come in the night?
Civil Rights and Science Fiction Can the ex-believers sue the establishment and win? I have my doubts.
The Call of the Apocalypse The Hutaree are placed behind bars for what politicians from the Religious Right already do on a national scale.
Eternal Dampnation As the rains finally subside in New Jersey our governor keeps slashing in glee at the state’s schools.
Bible vs. Bible In a sentencing of a mother who starved her children because of the Bible, the judge cites the Bible in his decision.
Smile, You’re Condemned As a concerned young woman attempted a conversion experience, I was reading Joseph Campbell.
True Metaphors A road sign on Good Friday contained more truth than intended.
The Passover-Easter Complex A continuation of the occasional series on the origins of American holidays.
Clash of the Titans The new movie, the old movie, and an even older movie. All ask “where are the gods?”
Alaska’s Temblors Mount Redoubt is posturing to erupt; what are the larger implications?
Soulless Robots? As Team 102 heads to the national finals one wonders who let the souls out?
Sects in the City Sex scandals in the Catholic Church are about power, not procreation.
I Have a Daydream Is a just and fair society really beyond reach?
Older than Stonehenge A new henge on Dartmoor clicks some recollections on ancient tombs and modern replications.
The Danger of Books Buying books may be an illness, but it is one worth dying of.
Dinosaur Ark A comment on a previous post concerning biblical mythology requires some response.
Not My Cup of Tea The charade of the Tea Party movement deserves biblical treatment.
Ape Versus Primate Frans de Waal’s Our Inner Ape opens some simian eyes.
Hate, in the Name of Love Fred Phelps demonstrates what is truly noble about apes.
Great Balls of Fire The Midwest fireball and Iceland’s volcano are not so much apocalyptic as they are symbols of stress on planet Earth.
The Cross in my Pocket New Jersey’s lotto winner gives God the glory, but keeps the cash.
Bibles and Dolls Damon Runyon reminds the Broadway crowd of the Bible’s immense power.
Thoughts Off de Waal Health care reform opponents have much to learn from the great apes.
Holy Amos, Holy Micah, Pray for Us If Amos and Micah lived in New Jersey, they’d die.
Trite Lite Matisyahu opened the door for Hi-Caliber and now we are all in the cross-hairs.
Mother’s Day and Earthquakes What do Mother’s Day and Earth Day have in common?
Militant Evangelists When Franklin Graham is crossed off the Pentagon’s prayer list, maybe the Religious Right is in trouble.
Weather Religion Yazoo City’s tornado again points the finger at God.
Co-opting Hecate Hecate doesn’t need her witching accoutrements to be an effective goddess.
Bible Myths The story of Psalm 46 has all the hallmarks of a Bible myth.
Zoroastrian Odyssey What does Zoroastrianism have to do with Clinton’s Red Mill?
Friday’s Wednesday A sketchy exploration of the mysterious character called Herne the Hunter.
I See You, This Time Finally seeing Avatar, the religious message of loving your planet comes through.
LOL Cat Bible Commentary, Part 1 The first installment of the non-awaited commentary on the LOL Cat Bible.
Popes and Props The Shroud of Turin is back in the news, along with a lack of faith.
The Return of the Goddess A local dance group does a gesture inspired by Yemaya, and the goddess is creative yet again.
Holy May Days A post about the first three holidays in May: May Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day.
Thus Spake Zarathustra Preparing to teach about Zoroastrianism again, it is worth considering its major contributions to world religions.
Not My Daddy! What happens to religion when Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons interbreed?
Ch-ch-changes Podcast 20, why religions must change.
What’s in a Name? When Lord Jesus Christ is run down, what do people do?
The Death of an Art Print on Demand has brought the traditional book to the brink of extinction.
Monday Morning of the Soul The origin of the weekend, and thank-God, it’s almost here!
Lessing Down Your Kierkegaard Philosophy vs. the Jehovah’s Witnesses — who wins?
And With Perfect Teeth When Pathway Genomics offers a way to see genetic deficiencies, it spells trouble for monotheism.
Expect a Miracle This post follows the Pope on a visit to Fatima.
Giving Lilith Her Due Lilith Fair 2010 and the “historical” Lilith.
Medusa’s Legacy Medusa, like Lilith, represents something more than a just femme fatal.
Wicker or Wicked? Watching The Wicker Man always raises disturbing issues.
Awaiting the Evolution Why do Creationists make me so nervous with Sarah Palin waiting in the shadows?
In the Morning An article on whirlwinds in the latest MAARAV may be the final act.
Indiana Wants Me Representative Mark Souder represents the lack of reality in the Neo-Con outlook.
Suddenly the Bible Despite university claims that the Bible doesn’t make money, blessed are the tchotchke makers.
Robots and Religion Some revelations accompany Faith Night at the Somerset Patriots game.
Strawberry Fields Forever Strawberry picking may reveal the origins of religion.
God Said “Let There Be Life” Is life the final frontier for the god of the gaps?
Religious Democracy Mark Souder has opened a can of theological worms concerning religion and democracy.
Voices from the Third Estate Plutocracy and the Bible don’t mix. Friends don’t let friends get rich.
Vegetarian Meat Loaf Hang Cool Teddy Bear features Boris Vallejo’s Crucifixion.
Life Without Dragons An offer for a dragon-slaying axe leads to sympathy for dragons.
Mystery of Mystic Where does the name Mystic, Connecticut come from?
Seaport Mystic Some thoughts on American religion from Mystic Seaport.
Mystical Aquariums The Mystic Aquarium and Noah’s Ark; what could go better together?
Converting Triffids Day of the Triffids and Noah’s Flood: what could go better together?
Go Fish Scientists find early brain food in Kenya. Could fish have helped evolve the idea of God?
Pulp Bible Pulp Fiction reveals quite a lot about Bible experts.
Bible Experts All A follow-up on yesterday’s post, defining the biblical scholar.
Super Sensitive? An initial response to Bruce Hood’s Supersense.
Cryptid Be Thy Name A Science and Religion Today post brings together Bruce Hood and Stephen Asma.
Aye, Robot Robots and street fairs and corporate sponsors, oh my!
Zombies, Golems, and Robots — Oh My! Great metaphors are hard to kill.
Long, Dark Tea Party of the Soul Religion and politics — how many lumps do you take with that?
Dissing Mother T. Mother Teresa is shut out by the Empire State Building. Would she worry?
Nebuchadrezzar’s Dream I dream of Nebuchadrezzar with a clean-shaven chin.
Jesus at the Prom Susan Campbell’s Dating Jesus is an honest exploration of how male privilege still reigns in religion.
On the Origins of Goddesses They have been with us from the beginning. The real question is where they have gone.
Jurassic Playground When is it true that people aren’t “playing God?”
Tut-tut Tut has been usurped by his gold, just as the modern world likes it.
Joltin’ Jesus Touchdown Jesus gets a divine hit, and the question of idolatry is left smoking.
The Power of Christ Beheads Thee A lone mercenary armed with a sword heads after bin Laden’s head with the power of Christ.
Casting the First Stone What ever happened to freedom of religion?
iPriest The use of the iPad on the altar goes where no man has gone before.
Patriarchalism or Party? Father’s Day is a bittersweet celebration of masculine self-congratulation.
Sol Invictus Why we’ve lost the art of celebrating the summer solstice.
Life in the Laboratory The real creation myth is that somebody is in control. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!
Wasting our Breath Who rules Bible-land? Evangelicals or secularists?
The New Tetragrammaton Dean Hamer’s The God Gene has one considering VMAT for the new tetragrammaton.
Oil’s Well that Ends The Deepwater Horizon disaster is being associated with the state of Israel. Why?
Misappropriated Prophets How prophecy is not a prediction of the future.
Blogging the Blob The 1988 version of The Blob has a scary subtext.
Under God Civil religion comes under fire and beware the whiplash.
Probation in Hades What’s the difference between Hades and Hell?
House of Myth Reading Danielewski’s House of Leaves once again demonstrates the power of myth.
Faith Healing Rasputin and books by scientists and strange events.
Artificial Ugarit Computers learn to read Ugaritic in a fraction of the time it took me.
Hell on Earth, Part 2 The Centralia, Pennsylvania mine fire is a second example of Hell on Earth.
Robots and Divine Engineers Daniel H. Wilson’s How to Survive a Robot Uprising raises some serious issues.
Random Faces Pareidolia appears again, this time in the Annals of Improbable Research.
Green Bible Why the Green Bible is such a responsible choice for earth-dwellers.
Kupalle or Ivan Kupala A little bit late, this post reflects on the holiday of Kupalle.
Jesus Friends Me What does it really mean for Jesus to have a Facebook page?
Aroma of the Divine Rachel Herz’s The Scent of Desire brings to light a possible olfactory origin of religion.
When Dinosaurs Will Rule The thesis that Deepwater Horizon has triggered a natural apocalypse makes one yearn for the days of the dinosaurs.
Acts of God Algorithm What do insurance companies mean by “acts of God”? Are they right?
Birth of Religion Monotheism marks the beginning of religion as we know it.
The Mist in the Pulpit Watching The Mist is a religious experience, whether you like it or not.
Sharks and Apostles Why can’t the church figure out that demonizing women only leads to problems?
Climb Every Mountain The gods live on the mountains because we can’t get there.
What’s Wrong with Eve? Film noir has a lot to learn from Eve.
E.T. Go Home! Neo-Con concerns with aliens confuse the Bible with a cattle prod.
Truth in Fiction Mark Twain on religion: can’t wait until the full autobiography is out!
Presbyterian Penance While admitting homosexual clergy is the right thing to do, it doesn’t address the larger issue.
Which Way is Up? What is that phallic-looking, Stone Age artifact?
Mythology Gone to the Dogs Is it wrong to feed a dog communion? Why?
Paranormal Prophets The Mothman Prophecies raise issues of both prophecy and cryptids.
Our Daily Bread Panera’s experiment with variable pricing is a sign of hope in the wasteland of corporate greed.
My Animal, It’s a God! The Egyptians recognized the divine in the animal world. Perhaps we could do the same.
Corporate Kindergarten Tony Hayward’s tears about leaving the chair at BP reveal the dangers of missing Kindergarten.
True Colors What has Facebook to do with Caesar? We know what it has to do with the Lord.
Jesus’ Broken Dates As a Colorado Springs woman warns about the end of the world, it may be time to pass on that bus pass.
The Return of Christendom We all know what “Christian” has come to mean. Why not give it back its ancient, imperial name?
Everything but a Name Is Ugarit’s problem merely a matter of image, or pronunciation?
Toy Story 2.1 A religionist puts on a movie critic hat.
Writing the Divine A tribute to Ray Bradbury and all amateur theologians.
Hoax Folks The origin of the word “hoax” raises the question of perspective.
The Evil That Men Do Is it wrong to build a mosque near Ground Zero? How about a church in Spain?
Kingship Divine Tunnels under ancient Mexico lead to the truth about divine kings.
Lost Apocalypse Watching Lost Souls can be a rather painful apocalypse of its own.
Reaping the Exodus The Reaping is ambivalent about the Bible, just like Hollywood.
Weather the Psalms Reflections on an abandoned past.
I Think, Therefore I Believe Animal intelligence, animal emotions, animal religion.
Bigger than Manhattan The Petermann Ice Island is loose in the North Atlantic; the Bible is invoked.
What Hath AI Wrought? Apparently the First Church of Robotics, according to the New York Times.
Religion in the Underworld What do the paranormal and religious studies have to do with each other?
Trashing the Bible Finding a Gideon Bible in the trash adds further emotion to a fair already bursting with human sensations.
Sobek to the Beginning Lake Placid, Maine and crocodiles? Even an Egyptian would have trouble believing this.
Star Trek Paradise In “The Apple” the fruit doesn’t fall far from the cultural Bible tree.
Dark Night of the Ark Justin Cronin’s The Passage brings together vampires and Noah, a winning combination.
SpongeBob’s Evolution The earliest animals are SpongeBob’s ancestors, despite the wishes of creationists.
Jehovah Jireh The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach me about the Bible.
Woeful Wisdom Once again I turn to Moby Dick to try to interpret the woeful world around me.
Catskill Waiting It is difficult to leave the Catskills, even if you are a sinner.
Two Roads Diverged Cormac McCarthy’s The Road shows how the apocalypse is already here.
Freiheit Is religious freedom dead? Need I really ask?
Gnot What It Seems A consideration of Gnosticism and its influence.
Gort to Flood The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) brings the flood myth to bear on the end of the world.
Faker or Fakir? Who has the right to determine true religion? Or is it only a matter of passion?
Restoring Horror I would rather have Lisa Simpson as president than Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin.
Can You Handle the Truth? Claremont School of Theology makes a bold step in the right direction: the truth is out there.
Natufia to Say Burials and feasting: could this be a pre-Northwest Semitic marzeah?
Bible, Bible, Who’s Got the Bible? We don’t all mean the same thing when we cite the Bible.
God of the Gaps = Poof! Stephen Hawking’s new book says God is not necessary for creation, but is he for inspiration?
Talking Past Each Other As theologians respond, Stephen Hawking doesn’t need to say anything.
Delicate Matters of Faith What would religious studies professors do?
Happy Labors A brief introduction to Labor Day, from an unemployed laborer.
Inception of Theseus Inception, apart from its intensity, also takes a nod toward classical mythology.
Quran 451? Quran burning and deliver us from evil.
Disconnect When will higher education open its eyes to the importance of religious studies?
Mere Typography Religious xenophobia is unbecoming of Christians, as long as the Bible is believed.
Athtar in Wonderland The choice of the name Absalom in Alice in Wonderland sends some old flywheels spinning.
Chosen Ones Pluralism and monotheism clash in chosen societies.
Bibles and Freedom Clinton’s Red Mill Museum lays down the law for teachers.
Seeing God Pareidolia at Clinton’s Red Mill.
Utopia Learning about Damanhur is a kind of healing experience.
I’ll Take Coffee, Thank You Christine O’Donnell’s Tea-Party-infused victory over Michael Castle should be telling you something.
Sinful Moonsters The god Sin has nothing to do with evil; leave that to werewolves, vampires, and witches.
Noah in Time The Time Travel’s Wife introduces me to Noah during The Passage to The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Ends and Beginnings Apocalypticism, The Ninth Gate, and The Omen, oh my!
Shopping for Truth The Church of Body Modification and freedom of religion clash in North Carolina.
Roman Women By keeping priesthood exclusively male, the church preserves a mythology.
Bleached Angels Why did angels lose their color? Where do they get those wings?
Higher Ethics Ethics training by unethical governments — how ironic.
Gas Station Sukkot Happy Sukkot, but don’t forget Jesus at the gas station.
The Very Blustery Day The perfect storm let the Israelites escape Egypt, according to Jiffy Lube.
Alternate Realities Shutter Island offers an alternate reality to Inception, and physics follows suit.
From Bragg to Phelps Is God schizophrenic or just can’t make up his mind about Rock-n-Roll and soldiers?
Dark Side of Religion Introducing an academic book that is fun to read.
Ask Your Local Agnostic A new Pew study reveals that those who don’t believe know more about religion than you might think.
Goldilocks Comes of Age GJ581g, a new Goldilocks planet, raises the question of our place in the universe.
Crimeless Victim? What did Raphael Golb do wrong? Was it the curse of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Sacred Geography Stonehenge and a disputed mosque site. People love sacred places.
Just Druid With government recognition of Druidism do we finally have an answer to who determines true religion?
Blessing Nature The Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi brings some earthy elements to sacred service.
Exorcists, Serpents, and Rainbows The Blu-ray release of The Exorcist offers an opportunity to consider how religion fits into horror films (again).
Noah’s Newest Neighbor Kosmoceratops charges in the face of Creationism.
Escanaba in da Moonlight When did it become alright to shoot other people and just say it’s business as usual? Ask Jeff Daniels.
The Chosen Peoples The first full-fledged book review on this blog.
The Problem with Demons Paranormal Activity is a good film for October, but why won’t demons just go away?
Demo C. Rats China Mieville’s King Rat opens eyes, if not minds.
Father Abraham When is a myth worth dying for? Abraham knows.
Where Wolves Dare Werewolves and October in New Jersey – what goes better together?
Where Would Jesus Park? Let’s make Jerusalem a parking lot.
Gods and Demons Montclair’s exorcist visit, although I couldn’t attend, raises issues of evil.
Jersey Devils Cryptid or folklore, the Jersey Devil always shows up at the juncture of religion and monstrosity.
Fearsome Fish The Dracula Fish leads to concerns about the loss of essence. Could it be October?
Eve’s Orchard Apple-picking and sin don’t always have to go together.
Movie by Faith While movies reflect the need for faith, our trust is in science. Or is it?
Wasps Iain Banks’ The Wasp Factory raises disturbing religious issues.
The Power of Hope The Crystal Cathedral bankrupt? What will feel-good Christians do?
Empty Pews Why are the young less religious? It’s all politics.
The Colbert Confessions When is a Catholic an evangelist? Whenever s/he opens his or her mouth, apparently.
Where Whoever Walked A tribute to the god who comes, and the Paper Mill Playhouse.
Black Monks and Grim Reapers Working at the community haunted house leads to the question of where the Grim Reaper comes from.
Tackling the Tabernacle A student question leads to the overall outlook on the tabernacle.
Zombie Walks As traditional religion declines, zombie walks offer a new route to eternal life.
La Puerta Nothing frightens me more than religion at my door.
O Hades Student papers reveal that the Devil is God’s brother.
Everlasting Life Pyramids and the afterlife, for these we thank you, O Egyptians.
Om, Are You Through with That? Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha has me thinking about what East and West share.
Origin of Halloween Part of a defunct book on the holidays. Be afraid.
All You Zombies Zombies and apocalypse — they’re not just for October any more.
Theory of Everything Where does the supernatural intersect with the paranormal? Where is science in the mix?
Lions, and Politicians, and Bears oh my! Elections are perfect examples of evolution.
O Pomona! Goddess of apples, virgin goddess seduced my male designs. No wonder the trees are dying.
Golden Eagles Girl Scouts steer away from controversy because Evangelicals say so.
10 Questions Want to know about God? Why not ask a scientist?
Jesus Gets a Head A new statue of Jesus rises in Poland.
Hallelujah of a Long Night Discovering Leonard Cohen has been a humanistic, religious experience.
Faith of a Lusty Monk Wisconsin’s National Mustard Museum puts the “sin” in Wisconsin.
Foxhole Atheists Veterans Day and God is still on our side.
What Would Noah Do? John Shimkus needs to go back to Sunday School to learn how to read the Bible.
Plumbing the Depths of the Universe Dual realities explain a lot when a weekend-warrior has his head under the sink.
Physics of Religion Freeman Dyson is featured in Atlantic Monthly and science becomes religion again.
New York Sinning Does New York City really hold the record on unspirituality?
Round Tables and Belligerent Gods Religious violence is a mask for nationalism and other brands of selfishness.
Hallowed Be Thy Game Sports and religion are a winning mix.
Violence of the Lambs Where is Abraham when Eid al-Adha goes bad?
Tax Dollar Peep Shows TSA and full-body scanners; is this the Brave New World I’ve been reading about?
The Good (Face)Book What would Jesus tweet? Is there balm in Gilead?
Latest Temptation Martin Scorsese’s Last Temptation of Christ finally makes it onto my small screen.
Condom Not? Pope Benedict XVI’s imminent coming out on condom use for male prostitutes is full of holes.
Towing Jehovah James Morrow’s fantasy novel treats an ambiguous God in an ambiguous way.
West Texas Dead How many hands does it take to change a priest?
Thanksgiving Day A brief history of the holiday.
Brave New Whirled We have seen the future and it is shopping.
Holy Horror TAPS trumps reason once again. They should stick to ghosts.
Lead Us Not A pastor blames Facebook for adultery. What’s that in your hands?
Impossible Kingdom Edward Hicks envisioned a peaceable kingdom. That’s not what we got.
Mercer Metaphor Fonthill is a wonderful place to visit, but corporate greed sullies the view.
Solstice Now! A billboard in New Jersey has New York commuters angry about the holidays.
Vampire Hunting The Mercer Museum has a kit, but will it reach all the way to the Arctic?
Slash of the Titans Movies and football and universities all worship a common god.
The Bells Alarm bells ring as student papers redefine reality in the electronic world.
Holiday Cheer Princeton University Chapel Choir’s holiday concert gives pause for reflection with the carol for Homeless Children.
I Can’t Ear You Q-tips and lawyers, what would Moses do?
The Bible Tells Me So The Bible on the loose — what would Jesus do?
Aye, Robot Reused title, different content. The end of the world as we know it.
Not As We Know It Life gets more complicated with arsenic-based life forms and habitable planets on the increase.
The Reality of Movies Inception has me wondering what’s really real, unlike the other Steve Wiggins.
Erector Set Religion What would the god of the robots be like?
Where Are the Wolves? Linda S. Godfrey’s third book on the dogman/manwolf leaves me scratching my head.
Peace on Earth Keeping Christ in Christmas does not mean having to exclude others from peace.
Explaining Religion Pascal Boyer’s Religion Explained has proven a valuable contribution to where my discipline arose.
Watchmen Tell Us When I finally saw The Watchmen, I wondered what the Bible was doing there, in that alternate reality.
Whence Moses? Podcast 21 continues the discussion of the origin of Moses.
Resurrection From the Crab Hermit crabs are worthy symbols of the resurrection, when Baal just won’t do.
Didymus Haunting Audrey Niffenegger’s Her Fearful Symmetry is ghostly and raises the question of twins and their souls.
Pleasant Points of Prayer Should prayer be allowed before civic meetings, even among the most pleasant of points?
Ouroboros Morgan Freeman’s Through the Wormhole tackles the question of God.
Astronomical Chances Ancients gave us gods above, and we still love the night-time skies and their eclipses on the solstice.
Dispelling Myths Feet can’t get drunk, but mythology lives on. Or does it?
Multiverse of Angles Philip Pullman’s Subtle Knife and Alan Moore’s Watchmen offer disturbing realities.
Battling Billboards Once again the billboards change and now God is on top.
Understudy Angels Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker unexpectedly introduces devolved deities around Christmas-time.
Virtual Religion What happens to brick-and-mortar houses of worship when the Internet comes to town?
Build-A-Bible The Bible as compiled, not written. How does it fit our technological world?
Ipse Dixit Dragon Archie Eschborn’s The Dragon in the Lake deserves to be given a fair hearing/reading.
Dating Daniel Apocalyptic or roadmap? Interpretation and context make all the difference.
The Politics of Dentistry When teeth rewrite human history expect dentists to be mentioned prominently.
Frankenstein’s Monster Although public sensibilities have changed in 80 years, basic humanity has not.
The Selfish Meme Religion must always win its battles, as events in Alexandria reveal.
Determinism to Succeed As physicists suggest a determinism on the part of nature’s laws, memories of predestination chance to occur.
Back to Paranormalcy Christopher Bader’s new book, Paranormal America, shows just how much religion and Bigfoot share.
In the Bleak Midwinter Welcome Burke! Embrace bleak theology.
Jehovah’s Eden Jehovah’s Witnesses try to convince me that Eden is fact instead of myth.
Which Witch? Romanian’s witches sue for fair terms; I wish them luck.
FIRST Things First Yesterday was the FIRST Robotics Competition international kickoff. Why, then, the angst?
Ender’s God How can a faithful author keep her/his religion under wraps? Should s/he?
Noah Trumps Geology The story of Noah’s flood held back recognition of Glacial Lake Missoula and its own humongous floods.
Hanny’s Voorwerp Factor 5 With a mysterious nebula somewhere out there, how can one not think of Captain Kirk and a Star Trek wiki?
From Palin to Phelps Have we really sunk this low as a nation? Doesn’t anybody think any more?
Misjudging Dinosaurs Eoraptor and Eodromaeus, are they dinosaurs or are they metaphors?
Mummery and Divinity Mummenschanz may hold the key to the God-concept, as well as cool toys.
You, Robot The movie I, Robot raises some interesting, if Mosaic, questions.
Epiphany Perception Which way is really up? Take your Christmas tree for a drive and find out.
Souper Sensitive Just try not to offend God while eating soup.
Winter’s Music Time-Life’s History of Rock ‘n’ Roll brings the evils of slavery to the surface again.
Vote With Your Faith When governor Robert Bentley of Alabama tried to bring people together under Biblicalese, the attempt backfired.
2012 Reconsidered What ever happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave?
Ghost in the Ark Jonathan Carroll’s The Ghost in Love once again makes use of the flood theme.
Black and White Zombies The classic White Zombie may have a little life in it yet.
New Age Present As TAPS Paramagazine continues to roll in, so do new religions.
Beside Metallic Waters Metallica in church? Rock on!
Dog Gone! Dogs on trial for Biblicide in South Carolina — are we barking up the wrong tree here?
The Triumph of Baal Or snow-weariness. It’s like Psalm 147, only chillier.
Works and Fridays Hesiod has a bit of wisdom, even though he too suffered the will of the gods.
Baal Necessities Under the weather? It could be Baal.
Old Deuteronomy Seeing a production of CATS produces an unexpectedly religious moment.
Two Ghosts Monster movies and ghost movies often invoke the religious. How they portray Christianity changes over time.
The Heart of Babylon Our ideals and their implementation are worlds apart, right FREDDY?
Return of the Frost Giants The weather has brought us to our knees, but before what god?
Faith Stealing Do we really consider the consequences of our faith?
Cyclotrons and Stardust CERN and Kepler and creation of life in the laboratory, oh my!
Son of Stone Flies Turok can teach valuable lessons about the Lord of the Flies.
Anvil Chorus Movies like Les Choristes forever haunt me from days long gone.
Sacred Bowl Does anyone really win the Super Bowl? What are we celebrating?
Witches or Prophets? Holinshed’s Chronicles raise an interesting issue on the interpretation of female power.
iConfess; Indulge Me The Confession app leaves me out in the cold.
Witch World Still worried about witches? Roman Catholics and Romanians are.
Evolving in America Evolution is back in the news, but not back in the classroom.
Neverwhere Angel A pondering of what angels mean in Neverwhere.
Terror Able The Terror is an exercise in theology and in staying awake.
In the Name of Hate What do the KKK and Valentine’s Day have in common? Absolutely nothing.
Devils and Mooncussers A trip to Tuckerton Seaport brings devils of all sorts together.
When Machines Fall in Love The Singularity has me worried about the future of the human race. Where are all the gods?
Agenda in Pink What does the “Precious Princess Bible” have to offer young women, besides misogyny?
Blessed Virgin (Not) A new movie on Aphrodite explores the divine feminine.
Fruits of the Dearth Korean New Year demonstrates the power of ancient fears.
Wayward Ninevites The story of Jonah leads to the Rogation of the Ninevites and where is Pinocchio?
Washington’s Birthday An excerpt from that unpublished book on holidays.
Vindication Nature now suggests sex and violence are closely paired in male brains. Told you so.
Origins of Evil The Hebrew Bible gives us multiple origins, and the ultimate source is generally the same.
Skullduggery The story of grave robbers brings Stephen King to mind as well as freedom of religion.
Carrie that Weight Carrie shows the scary religious fanatic in a way too true to life.
Be Neith It All The origins of Neith point to the missing divine feminine.
Sinking Ships A metaphor about the Titanic and what is that in the water in front of us?
Devil’s Ethics Who gets to decide what is right? Is it not might?
Not the Oscars The movie Revolt of the Zombies is more frightening for its treatment of women than for the zombies.
Sanity Plea Isn’t it just easier to blame God? Presidents know that, as do common thugs.
Flaming Chariots The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath?
Shake Your Booty? New, gender-free Bible translations and exonerating Jewish heretics; what is the church coming to?
Get Lent Advertising for the most dreadful season of the liturgical year.
In the Beginning, FIRST FIRST Robotics is willing to show the way, but only with the church behind.
Gila’s Got the Whole World The Giant Gila Monster, although earning only a B, may have a lesson to teach us today.
Myth of Jerusalem A new book on Jerusalem reminds me of defiled pacts and other unholy things.
If You Ash Me A brief introduction to Ash Wednesday, a Christian Dismal Day.
Thy King Dumb Come When did religious freedom become a crime?
Anubis Rising Dan Simmons’s A Winter Haunting reminds me of Anubis and the inevitability of death.
Ring of Fire The tragic earthquake an tsunami in Japan remind us of life’s fragility.
Sex and Violence in Ancient Pompeii The tragedy in Japan, although horrific, is not unique. It shows humanity as it is.
Jane Who? Reading Jane Eyre can be depressing because of the political spin placed on education funding.
The Ides of March Politicians and plebians, a good mix?
Zounds The movie Stigmata still retains a message that is still easily ignored.
Third Mile Island Fukushima 1 and the end of the world have nothing in common.
Dream Quest H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath” suggests more than the title indicates.
Inspired Lunacy The moon is in perigee, and we will ignore it.
Frippery or Faith? A visit to Edison’s lab and factory in West Orange is a kind of epiphany.
Crossing Italy Crucifixes in public schoolrooms are like the badlands.
Holy Matrimony Yahweh and wife are back in the media.
Garden of Nede Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake shows us a very religious future. Too religious.
Time Isn’t Holding Us Memories. Education used to be different. Really, it did.
Joseph Smith in the Spotlight The Book of Mormon, the musical.
Ice Father in Heaven Winter weather — that little itch should be telling you something.
Corny Children Children of the Corn: what you sow is what you reap.
Freedom or Religion Reform elsewhere magnifies the value of freedom at home.
Tuesday Mourning The death of Shaunakaye Williams at a FIRST event brings the human aspect forward.
Sister Christian Hyundai Genesis 3.8: Bible reference or affordable transportation?
One to Tree Is Asherah really a tree-goddess? How well do we really know her?
The Sign of Jonah Jonah and Isaiah, two prophets taken literally or not.
Online Religion My first brush with Cleverbot turns metaphysical.
Fire and Blood Terry Jones burns a Quran and innocent people die.
Dreams of Equality Martha Ackmann’s The Mercury 13 demonstrates that patriarchy, upheld by religion, still keeps women down.
Make Mine Myth Karen Armstrong’s A Short History of Myth shows what we’ve lost.
Cat Tales Erin Hunter’s Warriors series raises some religious issues.
Genesis Rising When science becomes optional, evolution ceases and the moon is made of cheese.
Scooped! Professor X beat me to the reveal In the Basement of the Ivory Tower.
Born to Shun Chris Christie takes on Bruce Springsteen. The one with integrity wins.
Waiting on a Miracle FIRST Robotics and religion vie for emotional satisfaction.
This Year’s Apocalypse As May 21 draws near, the inequalities of the world are no better.
O Tenn Won’t You See? It’s like Scopes all over again because Fundies are evolving.
One Percent Solution The rich get richer while the poor get, well, you know…
Worshipping Religion As in Jeremiah’s day, even now religion itself becomes an object of worship.
Blue Monkey God Avatar has become a religion for some. Who’s going to cast the first stone?
Bell’s Hell Rob Bell’s book has a renegade proclaiming the death of Hell. Imagine that.
Kings and Lions Going to Broadway can be a kind of epiphany too.
Palm Versus Palm Palm Sunday sermons and technology: do they mix?
Take Your Medicine A Hindu temple in the midst of a pharmaceutical company; whence healing?
Pilgrims’ Regress Becky Garrison’s Jesus Died for This? opened my eyes a little.
Educating Religion Passover, Easter, or final exams? Which comes first?
Good Earth Friday No matter what our leaders say, we know what we must do.
I Swear it’s True What is the origin of “bad words”? Depends on where you are.
Conscious Cats Disney’s African Cats raises a few questions about what it all means.
Budget Bombs How far has politics strayed from some sort of Christian ideal? How far is east from west?
Aftermath of Easter Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ at a university with a large Jewish population, Abraham Lincoln assassinated on Good Friday, and Nashotah House: what a trinity.
Mary in the Sky with Sequins? Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Blessed Virgin Mary!
Playing Doctor When physicians read books to help them understand, it is safer than relying on religion.
Cheating God Cheaters never prosper. Unless they believe in a God who turns a blind eye.
Reap the Whirlwind Tornadoes are not the finger of God, nor Katrina his divine breath.
Dukes and Serfs Once again the garden revisits the myth of a sustainable economy.
Happy Birthday King James The four-hundreth birthday of the King James Bible, and are we any further ahead for it?
That’s All, Folks The world will end, this I know, for eBible tell me so.
Rhetorical Criticism That which you don’t know can indeed harm you. Become informed.
Alien Agenda The Fourth Kind and other alien movies make good use of the Bible. Even aliens got religion.
Thor’s Day Thor opens in theaters today, but will it open stormy minds at all?
Able, Baker, Charlie Chaplain Atheist chaplains in the military? What is this country about, equality or something?
Gothic Mother’s Day What do Silent Hill and the Sound of Music have in common? Motherhood.
My Myth is Bigger My myth is bigger than your myth. And religion is devolution.
Doubts Creep In Mel Gibson’s Passion still plays out at Montclair, clearly showing that cinema is more powerful than thought.
Science of the Bible A proposed syllabus for finding scientific truth in the Bible.
Inventing God Stuart Kauffman’s Reinventing the Sacred is an important book for both scientists and religionists. Can we sit down and talk?
Triskaidekaphobia Who’s afraid of Friday the Thirteenth? Many millions of people, apparently.
Fear Itself What are we afraid of? Is not this what religions are made of?
P*ss Says Elijah The KJV gave us many wonderful expressions, but do we love the Bible enough actually to read it?
Silver Scream Horror movies with all their demons reflect a reality that is all too human.
Response An initial answer to Chaz’s question. Feel free to weigh in on this one.
Stephen Hawking’s Heaven Cosmologist says “no heaven” – stop the presses!
Of the Zombies, By the Zombies, For the Zombies The CDC blog post on a zombie apocalypse plays on our darkest fears.
Dog Gone Rapture What would Rover do? Help out your soulless companion should the rapture capture you unawares. (Post number 666.)
Eyre the Apocalypse Finishing Jane Eyre the night before the world is scheduled to end is a show of the Bible’s power.
And I Feel Fine Sometimes the wisdom of Chicken Little is greater than that of biblical fundamentalism.
First Byte Does Apple stimulate the God center of the brain? Is God a Mac user?
Decomposition Zombies have been with us all along; now the climate is right for them to ascend.
God’s Guards Placid Egyptian religion has been replaced by violent Egyptian religions. What has gone wrong?
Eye in the Sky Joplin, Missouri’s misery is very human. Divine storms are all too natural.
Metamorphoses Whether Kafka or Ovid, metamorphosis is painful and absurd. Just get used to it.
Agnostic Gnostic The Masons and Salem Towne’s house. Where else might God be watching?
Lesson of Salem Rebecca Nurse’s homestead still stands, Rev. Parris’s is a hole in the ground. What happens when the church takes the law into its own hands?
Witch Kitsch What do we really fear? What does the witch really represent?
Malleus Practice Misfortune happens. When the blame game starts, no one is safe.
I Can Haz Edukashun? How do you spell bullshit?
A Tribute Judith Mills Gray, who died yesterday, was a fine example to all who face adversity.
Dusting the Lilim Neil Gaiman’s Stardust is a dose of mythology right when we need it.
Crossing Over A Girl Scout bridging ceremony shows the kinder side of what religion could be.
Not So White The movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror contains some true messages about how religions sometimes operate.
Vulcan’s Anvil The eruption of a second spectacular volcano within a month should remind us of our place on the planet.
Ouch! If we learn to end pain, will we still be human?
Robopocalypse Now that the book is out, how did we get here?
Faith Value The GOP is struggling to select a nice, Christian boy for next year’s presidential race.
Now Locusts? A locust invasion in Russia prompts thoughts of Joel and Hal Lindsey.
Blood Lust Who are the real vampires?
Religious Raven Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” reveals religious realities.
Bread Alone When religions call for abusing children they have ceased to be ethical.
Vital Statistics The Bible may be birth and death certificates and fire insurance.
Funny Faith Why is it we can and can’t laugh at religion while those bitten by radioactive spiders suffer?
Iraq’s Bell Gertrude Bell, one of the founders of today’s Iraq, deserves to be better known.
Zombie Friday Morticians selling body parts? Just another Zombie Friday in New Jersey.
Exegesis Dies Who is to say what this really means?
The Big Man Clarence Clemons, rest in peace.
Stranger Tides The latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie benefits from religious elements.
A Midsummer’s Daydream Call it Litha or Midsummer, it is the time of greatest light in the northern hemisphere.
Literary Floods Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood mixes religion and greenery.
Floods and Fairytales An ark being built in the Netherlands competes with those in Turkey, China, and the United States. And in fairytales.
American Haunted Finding Brent Monahan as my teacher was scary serendipity.
Contriving the Rapture Barbara Rossing’s The Rapture Exposed begins and important lesson that all Americans should learn.
Voted Off the Island If most members of the Church of Sweden don’t “believe in” Jesus, what does that say about Christianity?
Religious Reflections The movies Mirrors and Constantine share the idea that demons are trapped in mirrors. Are they?
Reverend Sanders? Sacrificing a chicken bad, sacrificing a career, okay.
Friend of Jonah Gray whale, gray whale, what do you see?
Black and What? Jasper Fforde’s Shades of Grey, while funny, raises serious issues.
How Great Thy Art Harper’s explores the King James Bible with an eye toward its art.
Patriot Games When you’re traveling, the Bible has your back.
Hope Soap Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap has a magic story as well.
Assyrian Dreamers Lord Byron’s “Destruction of Sennacherib” shows the foibles of biblical history.
Troying Around The movie Troy does hold a modern parable, for those who can see it.
Metaphor Riding in the baidarka of life, meaning may be found in water.
Dead Wood Nurse logs and resurrection? It makes sense.
Sanctuary Leaving sanctuary is going home. Is home a sanctuary?
Kings and Codes What do Hammurabi and Wired have in common?
Stobor and Dogs Is Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse already here?
Religion Underground The 1927 movie Metropolis has shown itself to be prophetic.
Right by the Numbers Bullies don’t let bullies change religion, eh, Akhenaten?
Cherry Pie Cherry Hill Seminary for Pagan studies—an idea whose time has come.
Religion Al Dente The Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster makes the news again.
Oh, Eye The Origin of O and zero; divine implications.
Holy Land Grabs Khirbet Qeiyafa holds high hopes for some, but the Bible disappoints others.
Deliverance from? Seeing Deliverance offers a chance to reflect on salvation.
Parry Hotter Now that Harry Potter has wound down, it is time to look at the message.
Robot Ethics It has come to the point where we need to ask “do you know where your robots are?”
A World Without Borders Good-bye, Borders.
Meating God Can eating meat-laced samosas destroy your faith?
Finding Nemesis Philip Roth’s latest novel deals with theodicy in Newark.
After the Carapture With Carmageddon behind us and Fundamentalism in Norway, civilization continues its tumble.
Out of the Depths Christianity and the art of toilet maintenance.
Internet Asherah Some Asherah products found on the Internet.
Who Made Whom, Now? Imagine a world with no religion—where might that come from?
Cross Swords Using a cross to sue your community hardly seems right.
Demo-God What does God do when the approval rating in the polls sinks?
Defining Humanity Religions uphold power structures when it comes to blessing humans as humans.
In God We Lust How is Warren Jeffs any different than Roman Catholic demands on celibacy?
Monsters Are Due on Elm Street An old classic returns to haunt the future.
Slash and Burn As we drive our fellow creatures extinct, we count ourselves blessed.
In Our Image When politicians want power, they simply invent the gods.
Red Eye Religion Bigfoot in New Jersey? Do you want to believe?
Livin’ On a Prayer Rick Perry and company really should read the Bible a little more closely.
If God Could Blog A little fun for a Friday.
Honest to God The Protestant Church of the Netherlands has a crisis of faith; don’t we all?
Capricorn Too What does the Flat Earth Society tell us about ourselves?
Biblical Sex Why should the church denounce health care for women?
Zombies of Harare Coming back from the dead may be as frightening as getting there.
Faith on Trial Jury duty leads to disturbing reflections on an angry god.
Why Islam A website that answers questions and promotes tolerance; we need more like this.
August Ancestry A day to think about Lugh, a god demoted to cereal boxes.
Natural Born Killers The death of an alpaca is a mirror held up to humanity.
Parsing an Exorcism The Last Exorcism may be truly scary by implication.
Whatever Happened to Marshmallows? Jesus Camp could do with a little bit of marshmallow roasting instead of burning enemies at the stake.
For the Love of Books A new job at Routledge is a form of resurrection.
Sports Religion How Tebow and religion are inseparable–is this Super Sunday?
Last Rites Bye-bye love.
Six Red Flags Why not have a real literalist Bible theme park?
Demonic Beginnings The origin of demons is a curious thing, but no easy answer exists.
A Summer Fright Dan Simmons’s Summer of Night once again finds horror in Egypt.
No Sanctuary, No Renewal Rewatching Logan’s Run as an adult is an education in itself.
God’s Country Club According to CNN, Grove City College is among the most religious in the country, God help us.
Elephants and Earthquakes Where was Moses when the lights went out? The Virginia Earthquake leaves even Republicans grasping for science.
Just Druid Again Ellis’ book on the Druids makes one think of what Christianity might have been.
Girl Meets God… Sarah Sentilles’ Breaking Up With God should be read by anyone who wants to know what’s wrong upstairs.
Calm Before the Storm Are you worried about Hurricane Irene? Take a page from the Bible.
Tomorrow Ever After In The Day After Tomorrow the Bible is a sign of enlightenment, but it has devolved since then.
Religious Democracy, Media Style Penn Jillette’s new book and the media circus: I want to believe.
Tea Party Science Since earthquakes and hurricanes are from God, maybe we should let the Tea Party tell us what science really is.
Bad Eggs Jasper Fforde’s The Big Over Easy does raise questions of mythological stature.
Failing Geology A visit to Watkins Glen makes me wonder about the flood.
Glass Act Even in the Corning Museum of Glass religion can be found.
A Sense of Place What does Franklin, Pennsylvania have to do with sacred geography?
Secret Life of Language As language evolves it takes reality with it.
Don’t Know Much Kenneth C. Davis’s A Nation Rising shows how much I don’t know.
Biblical Muppets The deep truths of Muppet Treasure Island.
Feeding the Multitudes (on a Budget) Is the story of the feeding of the 5000 really about miracles?
The Truth of Ghosts Brent Monahan’s The Bell Witch is a source of questions on reality.
Happy Literacy Day! A quick tribute to reading.
Do Unto Others And it’s amazing how often the followers of Jesus don’t.
Moosechief When moose and prohibition clash, WWJD?
Remembrance Day Ten years after 9/11 and what we might learn.
September’s Child The Orphanage provides a metaphor perhaps a little too readily.
Unanswered Questions A tract a day keeps the devil away.
Confessions of a Luddite The death of a laptop can really hurt.
A Peculiar Resurrection When the computer comes back to life, Ezekiel is not far away.
Material Whirled Material religion reveals the strange connection between what we can feel and what we can’t.
Who Are the Wolves? Kent Nerburn’s The Wolf at Twilight should make us stop and think.
Bibles and Broomsticks This particular chapter in Nerburn shows how wicked the use of a Bible as a weapon can be.
Ezekiel’s Equinox Paradox A divine gender-bender comes round with the fall.
Declining Prophets Bruce Feiler’s America’s Prophet shows how flexible old man Moses is.
Springing up Moses Springsteen understands exile, and, probably, so do you.
Brain Death The Brain that Wouldn’t Die, despite all appearances, has an important message.
Lead Us Not into Dominion Dominionism is as fascist as it is fashionable.
Dark Materials Philip Pullman’s final installment raises dark questions.
Timing God God and science meet again in Time, but religion won’t let go.
Homeland Security Troubles in Guinea lead one to ask if there might be trouble at home.
Eat, Love, Eat Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma does raise ethical issues on more than one level.
Buying Salvation Religion, Halloween, commodification; can we buy salvation?
Who’s To Say? Having read Penn Jillette’s God No! I wonder who has the final word on religion.
Always Against Us Having watched The Matrix for the first time in years, I marvel again at the freedom implied.
The Body Apocalyptic Tina Pippin’s Apocalyptic Bodies is a powerful po-mo blend of feminism and apocalyptic debunking.
Job Well Done Steve Jobs, r.i.p.
Jots and Tittles Religion defined as conflict; tittles.
Lamp of the Gods Bernd Brunner’s The Moon is enlightening, science and myth combined.
Cenobic Marvels Hellraiser III delves deeper into the mythology of religion and fear.
Preoccupied Occupy Wall Street or occupy daily life; it’s what we do.
Pay No Attention So now I’m a corporate shill.
Step in Time Some reflections on the larger message of Mary Poppins.
Expanding Universes My universe is bigger than yours!
Mystic Messiahs Philip Jenkins’ Mystics and Messiahs should teach us all a lesson about tolerance.
Tepe Temple The structure at Gobekli Tepe, temple or not? What is religious behavior?
Yeti Again Has evidence for the yeti been found? Will it ever be safe again?
Had my Phill A night in north Philadelphia occupies me.
Scared Mittless Religion will play a major role in the elections coming up, as it always does.
Dusty Flowers Finally reading V. C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic raises ethical issues.
Extinctions Even with Gaddafi gone, we still have to contend with big oil.
Life’s Soundtrack How does Jim Steinman do it? Total Eclipse of the Heart.
Haunted Purgatory Down on the farm a lesson about overpopulation trumps Halloween.
Serpents, Rainbows, and Black Pearls Reading Wade Davis’ classic tale makes me wonder where all the zombies have gone.
Zombie Reality Zombies and the hope (or fear) of resurrection.
Great Gaps Be The Algonquin and its ghosts of writers past.
Conversations with Solomon Wealth, power, greed, and Ecclesiastes.
Anglo-Wicca Pearson’s Wicca and the Christian Heritage.
Zombie Jesus Some people confuse resurrection with revenants.
Twin Towers A visit to the new World Trade Center memorial site.
All Saints Pan’s Labyrinth is disturbingly religious.
The Fires of Bureaucratic Porn DeKok’s Underground relives the Centralia mine fire tragedy.
Dead Sea Souls The Dead Sea Scrolls take on New York City.
Bonfire of Vanity A tribute to V on Guy Fawkes Day.
Jew Want Some Jesus with That? Benyamin Cohen’s My Jesus Year and religious understanding.
Bull Shot Golden calves come in all shapes and sizes.
P. T. Mammon What Barnum has to teach us about being Bible salesmen.
Science of Religion Phil Zuckerman’s Sociology of Religion.
Sacked! Penn State = football; what of education (beyond sex education)?
Jesus? No News A new Jesus US News and World Report, just because we can.
Master Cat Puss in Boots and ethics.
Raising Cain Did God tell him to run for the presidency?
Cthulhu’s Revenge Jason Colavita’s The Cult of Alien Gods.
Layers What is it with clothes and religion?
Inauguration Lincoln’s second inaugural address and Barry Goldwater; freedom of religion.
Saints and Angels California and its saints, AAR/SBL time again.
Old Myth What does Immortals tell us about the gods?
I Left my Bible in San Francisco The Gideons versus Bible scholars.
The Self-Importance of Nothingness What are we doing being academic when there is real suffering outside?
The Shawshank Reversal Using a Bible to get weapons into prison? Paging Stephen King…
Hair Today The Barber of Lancaster, or Amish horror.
Imagine Thanksgiving Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade outside the Dakota.
Nightmare Behind Holidays Dirt Devil shows that The Exorcist sucks.
Lost Knowledge What did the Mayans know and when did they know it?
Retrograde Hollow-Days How early is too early for Xmas?
Seedless Isn’t it time to call a spade a spade?
Dawkins Dilemma The God Delusion and its dilemma.
Christian Window Cleaners Since pagans leave nasty smudges.
Name Recognition What is Sects and Violence really all about?
Soccer Moms and Robot Dads Does society program gender? FIRST to the rescue.
Fecit potentiam Did the Magnificat ever come true?
Bookless in Manhattan Where did the Gotham Book Mart go?
National Fear W. Scott Poole’s Monsters in America.
Ignorance Should Be Bliss Daniele Bolelli’s Fifty Things You’re Not Supposed to Know: Religion.
On the Move What happens when the media determines the truth?
Tolerance, Princeton Style Ian Buruma’s Taming the Gods.
Render unto Caesar Politicians know something that most Americans don’t. Somebody’s lying.
Crimes and Misogynies Bluebeard masks a parable of an all too masculine god.
Don’t Need No Righting It is the end of cursive as we know it.
Silent Fright Baylor sociology department and the angry god syndrome.
God Particle The Higgs boson, what’s God got to do with it?
Paradise Re-Lost Brook Wilensky-Lanford’s Paradise Lust makes me wonder where my Eden is.
King Hong The Taiping Rebellion is news to me, too late for 20 million others.
‘Tis the Season Santa Monica, meet Santa Claus.
R-e-s-p-e-c-t A-l-l New Jersey has reason to be proud of Robert Menendez.
And Lowe Lowe’s has nothing to fear from “All-American Muslim.”
Legislating Reality D. Graham Burnett’s Trying Leviathan shows science in the stand.
Darkest Night The reason for the season is that the longest night is over.
Tebow or Not Tebow? What’s this new gesture, and how did it originate?
England’s Christian Gift The Salvation Army and its many, many British siblings.
Silent Might Is Christmas a time of peace or pieces?
Church of Siliconism Even the iPhone has religious implications.
Bible Review Marilynee Robinson’s review of the Bible preserves some basic truths.
Apples and Evil Seeing a sword in a mall store window gives pause for reflection.
The Newt Roars Newt Gingrich decides to play the nice boy this time.
Exposed or Expelled Immaculata caught with its pants down again.
Seneca Falls The dissolution of Seneca Falls brings a place of significance to an official end.
Alas, 2012 Yet another year with the end of the world.
Persistence of Demons Insidious shows us just how much we count on the afterlife.
God in the Machine What Cleverbots say when humans aren’t listening.
Unorthodox Accreditation When private churches get accreditation, what hope is left for the rest of us?
Political Games Why can’t politicians stick to politics?
Which God? Does a trial prove if God exists or not? Does it matter?
Loaded Symbolism Holy Smokes gives an idea where to spend eternity.
Send in the Robots There is no W in FIRST Robotics.
Paranormal Activity Jeffrey Kripal’s Authors of the Impossible make the world larger.
Close Commandments Close Encounters is eerily close to the Ten Commandments.
Chronicle Illness An article in the Chronicle shows how religion equals intolerance, unintentionally.
Doubting Peter Peter Berger’s In Praise of Doubt offers strange certainties.
Political Insantorum I remember when politicians could be real people.
Facebook Apocalypse Is the kicking of the dead off Facebook a sign of the apocalypse?
Trouble with Triffids The movie continues the saga introduced by the book.
Hic Sunt Dracones Timothy Beal’s Religion and its Monsters shows what’s behind the mask.
Let the Left One In Let Me In sinks its teeth into profound questions.
Sinking Feeling The tragedy of the Costa Concordia is the seabed of metaphor.
Old Smoky Would a visit to tobacco country be complete without a little Bible to go with it?
Poisonous Beliefs “Snake Man of Appalachia” is a sad commentary on society.
Naked Before the Almighty The TSA has its way with me, thanks be to Bush.
Jesus for President Some reflections upon leaving the Bible Belt.
The Evil Living The Evil Dead raises real moral issues, in addition to the demons of the woods.
Religious Capital What does religious shopping say about the actual product?
Who Knows? Not even Edinburgh can give an answer to the Near Death Experience.
Cookie Time What does the church have against Girl Scout cookies?
Grapes of Mirth Walter Otto’s Dionysus is divinely human.
Three Degrees Below Zero Rick Santorum denies his heritage.
Tweeting the Bible I’ve decided to tweet the Bible.
Instruction, through Film brings knowledge to your screen.
Wassailing The first wassail.
Best Prayer in the Air Alaska Airlines without prayer cards?
Revealing the End My calendar says it’s almost time, Roman style.
Frozen Falls When Niagara Falls freeze over, look out.
Virtually Divine Wikitude is a frightening reality.
A Long Way to Go What’s really behind concern with abortion?
Rising to The Abyss James Cameron’s The Abyss covers some familiar Christian territory.
Wired for God Rachel Wagner’s Godwired.
A Strange Confirmation Tweeting the Bible leads to a revelation.
Don’t Let Them Frack You Is Dimock going the way of Centralia?
And Then There Were None When did the concept of evil disappear?
Ultimate God When we make god in our own image, politics happens.
Witch Crazy Anne Llewellyn Barstow’s Witchcraze.
Fall of the Planet of the Apes Rise of the Planet of the Apes tells us about devolution.
Divorced from Doctrine What does the Catholic Church object to healthcare, really?
Adrift Why does academia feel like the Titanic?
Being Human Frans de Waal’s Age of Empathy should be required reading.
Love, Factually What’s love got to do with it, Christie?
Jefferson’s Legacy University of Virginia succumbs to power politics.
Denying Truth, For Profit It looks like we’re in for nasty weather…
Nevermore Visiting Poe’s room at the University of Virginia is an epiphany.
Christian Underworld Rewatching Underworld Evolution can be a Christian experience.
Genesis Too How we overlook the equality of Eve and Adam for a bipartisan view.
Ashes to Ashes Burning women as witches? In 2012?
Gas Bubbles Gas prices rise, along with the profits of the wealthy.
Divine Monsters Richard Kearney’s Strangers, Gods and Monsters shows the limits and convergences.
Hidden in Plain Sight It really isn’t that complicated; Genesis 1.
Darkness, of Sorts Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Wolf Creek, and American politics.
Theomockracy Theocracy just doesn’t work.
Walking Monsters The Monster Walks is scarier than you might think.
Leap Day Leap Day is Time in a Bottle.
Watch Your Tower Again with the Apocalypse–what a year 2012 is shaping up to be.
Academic Omelets Classism in the classroom sucks eggs.
Attack of the 50-Foot Women It’s time to ask yourself what you believe.
Hope for the Flowers It’s a funny world where religion prefers death to life.
Book Me I like documentaries, but I love books.
I Pledge Allegiance Richard Hofstadter’s Anti-Intellectualism in American Life bears the test of time.
Religion Undisclosed The government caught with its hands in my pants, again.
Real Hope Hope for the Flowers a movie? Yes, please!
Tortured Gospel Blaming tornadoes on Jesus? What’s become of the gospel?
California State of Mind Thoughts on leaving Santa Barbara.
Dreadful Dander Kafka among the sacred canon? Fire away.
Sh*t Apes Say Planet of the Apes and its wisdom.
Sheep, Goats, and Preferred Customers What makes a society classless? Classiness.
Tattered Dreams Bruce Springsteen again shows himself as the prophet of the oppressed.
Fun with Dick and Jane The purpose of writing is writing.
Stuff and Nonsense The dog-and-pony show continues as Santorum sweeps the south.
Too Tired or Not too Tired? Is it that time already? Can’t we change it?
Saints and Snakes Saint Patrick’s Day is a symbol of religion itself.
Sacred Philadelphia Following the steps of Edgar Allan Poe on a pilgrimage.
Map is Territory Is this the War of the Shrunken Humans, when we depend on electronic media?
The Afterthought Why does Adam always come first?
Spare Change What is a human soul worth? Cash.
Battle the Angels Watching Battle Los Angeles brings Bible and aliens together.
Alternate Reality Reading Native Voices raises some difficult questions.
Battle Billboards Is it the atheists or the gods in this new Gotterdammerung?
Unholy Brides The Bride of Frankenstein is a profanely religious.
Professor Little Sometimes it is easy to feel incredibly small.
A Tiger’s Tale Yann Martel’s Life of Pi.
Brother, Can You Spare a Term? Adjuncts are the deer in a wood filled with wolves.
Renters, All What do you do when safety blocks your view? Sue.
Where’s Waldo The Waldensian persecution is also a paradigm.
Paradise by Half Who’s to blame when paradise fails?
Robot Crossing Robots and apocalypses and Luddites, oh my!
Lower Education How low can you go, when all is for sale?
Strixology Brian A. Pavlac’s Witch Hunts in the Western World.
Disputed Territory What is the difference between sacred space and Holy Land?
Contextual Criticism One culture’s witch is another’s saint.
One of Us Who does your Jesus look like?
Good Morning, London Vampires, and virgins, and cathedrals, oh my!
Cemeteries and Certainties Highgate Cemetery, London’s life lesson.
Pharaohs of Stonehenge Stonehenge and immortality, a fine Easter.
Divine Checkmate Shalmaneser III’s black obelisk shows the tiers of power in ancient Israel.
As on Earth The afterlife evolves from Egypt to present day.
Rule Britannia Life seems much more to scale in the United Kingdom.
PhD Supply and Demand Guest post by Sofia Rasmussen.
Latin Goddesses It is a sad day when Britannia and Libertas fall to the Square Wall.
Sutton Courtenay A visit to another great writer while on lunch time at Milton Park.
Abbey Rood Westminster Abbey, Islam, and Newton.
Bookends Highgate Cemetery on either end of London trip.
Cain’s Dilemma What would Cain do?
Darwin’s Descendents Darwin on money, in the garden, and in church.
Fighting Jesus Philip Jenkins’ Jesus Wars.
Final Flight Heaven can’t wait as Time joins the debate.
Dark Shadows Indeed RIP, Jonathan Frid.
Nun Such Luck The Vatican is worried about those uppity nuns again.
Honor Thy Mother Celebrate Earth Day with the zeal of an evangelical.
The Price of Religion Deborah Feldman’s Unorthodox.
Call for Papers A public service announcement for Joseph Laycock.
Degradation Robots grading student papers? Mr. Adams, is it time to panic now?
Bleak Visions Priest gives us a darker view of vampires.
Rite and Wrong Matt Baglio’s The Rite.
Two Sparrows Rescuing a baby bird is so much easier than getting a rich politician to care.
Planet of the Monkeys Rachel Held Evans, Evolving in Monkey Town.
Staking a Claim The Highgate Vampire, Sean Manchester, and the will to believe.
Razzing Cain Cain is marked, finds a wife, and builds a city–an overachiever.
Random Science Chaos and magical thinking, science informs religion.
Secret Life of Clouds Rain-causing microbes? Discover a new world.
Come Sail Away Academically Adrift? Why not come sale away?
Biblically Married North Carolina and Matthew Vines—who’s right?
Supernatural or Supernormal? Deirdre Barrett’s Supernormal Stimuli.
Beyond Measure The quandary of world religions and declining numbers.
Battle Bibles Bibles distributed to soldiers reflect social values a little too clearly.
Genesis Gender-Bender Genesis 5 calls their name Adam; man and husband?
Vampire Jesus Willem Dafoe as Max Schreck, Count Orlock, and Jesus?
Egyptian Afterlife Howard Carter gets his Google doodle while Maurice Sendak gets his wild reward.
Same Sex Sanity The Bible and sexuality, a slippery combination.
Lost Purpose Where are your hands when the RCC knocks at the door?
Living with Art Grounds for Sculpture is grounds for hope.
Robo-Stop P. W. Singer’s Wired for War.
Fighting God Why do we go to war? Is it love or God or love of money?
Stormy Weather William Jenkins’ Storms over Genesis.
Whose Call Who decides who studies what?
Free Tea The Town Hall stands for freedom—something America needs.
Convergent Evolution Nicholas Wade’s Before the Dawn is strangely familiar.
Enoch’s Dilemma How well do we really know this mythical founder?
Avengers and Gods The Avengers raise some interesting questions about being divine.
After Before the Dawn More thoughts on Nicholas Wade.
Children Shall Lead Them Music can be a paradigm for adults.
Scary Monstrances David Gilmore’s Monsters: Evil Beings, Mythical Beasts, and All Manner of Imaginary Terrors.
Blazing Forest What do our politicians say about us?
Dark Light Dark Shadows includes some moral ambiguity.
Gods Will Be Gods And there were giants in the earth in those days. How’s that?
Brown Out Brown’s graduation may be grounds for hope.
WaterFire A night with Providence.
Haunted Pilgrim Visiting Lovecraft’s birthplace in Providence.
Holy Hypothesis Victor J. Stenger’s God: The Failed Hypothesis.
Lunchtime in Midtown Some thoughts in a religious city.
Religious Aliens Philip Imbrogno’s Interdimensional Universe.
No God for Women Why don’t we have a female god?
Artifacts or Theodicy? Black Death, vampire, or God? You decide.
Hair Cut The message of the sixties, via Hair, asks who Samson really is.
Sleeping with Darwin Eric Simons’ Darwin Slept Here.
The Illustrative Man R.I.P., Ray Bradbury.
Adult Reading The Bible at BEA—this is not reading for kids.
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics Daniel Garner’s The Science of Fear.
Varieties of Non-Religious Experience A visit to Shelley’s Ghost raises its own specters.
Do Not Enter Signs–they’re not just for traffic any more.
Alien Deities Thor and all that it implies.
Problematizing Noah Why is God so angry?
Religious Studies Project The Edinburgh-based Religious Studies Project shout-out.
Occluded Religion Mitch Horowitz’s Occult America.
Faith Falls Nik Wallenda’s crossing Niagara Falls raises daring questions.
Shelley, Byron, Trelawny, and Ahab Trelawny’s Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley and Byron.
Home Grown The birthplace of Theosophy suggests tolerance.
Buying the Truth Archaeology digs the truth, the media decides who will buy it.
Civil Rites Why does a candidate’s religion matter? Does it?
Making Light Midsummer once again.
Ebenezer The stone of help at Providence’s First Baptist.
Ms. Found in an Email A post written by an illiterate friend.
Help from the Friend Publick Universal Friend and friends, what will it be?
Gothic Religion Victoria Nelson’s Gothicka.
Ancient Wisdom Stonehenge for peace, not evil.
Cabin Fervor Could it be that even Cabin Fever has something valuable to say?
Lost Professors Frank Donoghue’s The Last Professors. Read it and weep.
Divine Fury The Colorado wildfires evoke images of an angry deity.
Burned Over As the campaign heats up think about the Burned Over District.
Think Again New Thought and New Religious Movements in New York.
Heat Wave Is Prometheus better than Noah’s god?
Flea the Obvious William Rosen’s Justinian’s Flea.
Just You Wait, Professor Higgs The God particle and life in an odd universe.
My Cultic Breakfast Religion: it’s why we do what we do.
Friday the Sixth Friday the thirteenth? Hold your horses, Beowulf.
The Idea of a University What’s the big idea anyway?
Double Exposure Northern Exposure or political exposure?
Black Swain Black Swain refuses to be black or white.
Scotland’s Cryptic Evangelist Nessie now works for the Fundies.
For the Love of Gold Carrette and King’s Selling Spirituality.
The Times they are a’Chanin The Chanin Building, evolution and talking apes. Must be capitalism.
Digging Deeper Somewhere beneath the planet of the apes, the truth slumbers.
New Salzburg Austria on my mind.
Tree Goddess The virgin in the wood, or Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees.”
Risky Business Scientology, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses-new religion in new times.
Like Clockwork When A Clockwork Orange becomes reality we’re all in trouble.
Your Brain on Plastic Is this really Heaven–living forever?
Leggo my Congo The movie Congo might have an unexpected metaphor.
Explanatory Value Euan Cameron’s Enchanted Europe.
Another Dark Knight We shoot and pray through another dark night.
Diggers, Ranters, and Muggles English religion of the seventeenth century.
Nouveau Riche Jon Butler’s New World Faiths.
Preachers and Pirates Rev. Henry Loveall makes me think of the Caribbean.
Liberating Science Ursula Goodenough’s Sacred Depths and Sally Ride’s secular death.
Thinking Zombies Are zombies the child of science or religion?
Holy Grand Central Mythology in plain sight.
Seedtime and Harvest What the Deluge teaches us about the drought.
Symbolic Confusion If symbols participate in reality, I’m just confused.
Sweet Heaven Ben and Jerry’s flavor graveyard.
Trapped A liberating visit to the Trapp Family Lodge.
Disputed Parentage Christianity has unusual parents, including paganism.
High Aspirations Olympic Games are fine, but what about nationalism?
Danger de Nuit Nightmares, on Time.
Pack on the Back Project Backpack and the dire state of over 11,000 children.
Evil Living Evil Dead II or living destruction of the planet-which is worse?
The Power of Magic Sabina Magliocco’s Witching Culture.
The Price of Tolerance The shooting at a Sikh temple raises the issue of gun control. Again.
Traces in Between Visiting an old friend in a Baltimore graveyard.
Charon’s Obol Death, Greek mythology, and futility.
Strawberry Meatloaf Rock and roll and strawberry ice cream.
Isaiah Thwarted Twitter Bible has come to an end. Sorry Isaiah.
NDEs Ornella Corazza’s Near Death Experiences.
Zongfu’s Ark Noah’s Ark of China fails to make a big splash.
Coexistence Do religion and science really have to fight so?
Longer Nights Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night.
Father Abraham’s Faith Baboons and scrotum-grasping, nature and a biblical ritual.
Illini Wisdom The Piasa Bird and what it can teach us.
Martian Religion Viewing our selves from outside; curiosity?
Supernaturally Selected Matt J. Rossano’s Supernatural Selection.

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  1. Where did you get this?

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